Wednesday, February 2, 2011

press on.

I just want to share with you a poem I wrote. Enjoy! =)

Press On
I’ve taken a stand for Jesus.
Lost many friends but I still press on.
Been there done that, trying to please people, it aint get me far
Trying to be a star in their eyes just caused my light to dim for God
Its been hard but I wont let go.
I press on to be the person He has called me to be.
Now my light shines for Him and has grown dim for them.
But I now show no concern cuz they haven’t earned my praise.
All goes to God.
He has brought me this far and still leads the way.
I pray night and day.
I know he hears my plea and He never charges a fee.
All He wants is His glory and praise which He deserves
And for me not to swerve right or left
But live a righteous life, take a stand for Him and forget about them.
Sometimes we let God down by the way that we live but God chooses to always forgive.
He’s never let me down even when I haven’t always been faithful to Him.
For He is a God of grace and mercy and love.
He sits high above.
But yet is still looking low,
Down upon you and me,
Setting us free from all iniquity.
You want to see what a soldier of God looks like,
Well look closely.
I stand before you without a uniform but I’m always clothed in Him.
No weapons, except prayer and praise.
No mask to cover any guilt or shame.
No bulletproof vest cuz no weapon formed against me will prosper.
I don’t have to prove to others who I am or whose I am.
He does that for me.
His light shines so bright in me.
I represent Him and in Him will I live.
Amazing is He.
I’ve taken a stand for Jesus.
Lost many friends but I still press on.

<3 tam