Thursday, August 5, 2010

shredded love.

Just took a few pics of what I wore the other day. These ripped jeans are my absolute FAVORITE. I can wear them every single day. Comfyy and Cutee.

plain white tee.ripped jeans.and my sammies :)

I bought these shoes the other day. When I first laid eyes on them I fell in LOVEEEE. sooo I just had to have them. (regardless of the price..which i wont mention..yikeess.)

oh and i LOVE scarves. i think they add a little spice to an outfit AND they are perfect for bad hair days..which i was clearly having. sooo it all worked out well :)

..and i'm just BIG on accessories anyway. love jewelry.bags.belts and anything else that can add to an outfit.

...oh shoutout to my sister for taking these pics for me.we were at a bored and decided to have a mini photoshoot.FUN FUN FUN.

i just LOVE the camera. and it just LOVESS me. =)

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