Thursday, August 12, 2010

pants phase.

sooo lately I've been wearing a lot of pants. I just love the look and they are very comfortable.

I'm sure I will eventually find another article of clothing that I'll wear all the time out of the blue.

I attended my church convention and just put this simple outfit together. Honestly I didn't have a shirt to wear with the pants so I just put on a regular white tee and threw on a jean jacket just because....and I think it makes the outfit look a little better anyway..just adds a little something to it and makes it not too dressy, which is what I was going for.

I asked my mother to take a pic of the whole outfit including my shoes but she didn't


  1. Heyy, yes! pants are so underrated considering how many styles they come in!

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  2. I love the light pinstripes on your gray trousers!! :)


  3. i love this look, the grey and denim look gorgeous x

  4. gorgeous photo, this look really suits you :)

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